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6mm mech named after bulbous backed people (4G & 4H)

3D model description

Models of both the 4G (also works as 5N and 6N) and 4H scaled for 6mm. I made a number of changes from the MWO model.

First, their is more depth to the head (as in it goes back further on the mech). Second, the hands are much larger on this model in keeping with the mech having "battlefists." Third, I made the barrel hole deeper and larger than the standard model, this gives the mech a cooler look. Finally, the "head laser" is no longer a dinky attachment to the LT, but actually part of the head.

On, the 4H model I also moved the 2 RT medium lasers to be above the AC10, as I figured they made more since there (out of the way for ammo feed and in a good position to fire at anything the pilot sees).

  • 3D file format: STL





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