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6mm Mech Hermes II (6D)

3D model description

The Hermes II is a staple of Marik forces. I tried to stay kinda true to the breadth of the artwork. I did move the AC5 to the RT, not the CT like the OG art shows. The feet are quite big, like the art. I also tried to incorporate some of the style that Bishop Steiner gave to the mech. So yeah, this is a mix of several looks.

I included several poses: strafing, patrolling, and kneeling. This one does not make as much in universe sense and is, I think, a great example of the pro-Davion leanings of the writers. Somehow this is a Davion only variant made in 3062, though Davion has no history of using this mech, there was no history of sellling this mech to the Fedrats, and the mech was only ever made in the FWL. The 6D trades the MPL and UAC/5 from the 5S for an ERML and a RAC/5.

  • 3D file format: STL





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