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6mm Mech Hermes II (5ME)

3D model description

The Hermes II is a staple of Marik forces. I tried to stay kinda true to the breadth of the artwork. I did move the AC5 to the RT, not the CT like the OG art shows. The feet are quite big, like the art. I also tried to incorporate some of the style that Bishop Steiner gave to the mech. So yeah, this is a mix of several looks.

I included several poses: strafing, patrolling, and kneeling. Like the 2M, the 5ME is an overhaul used by Marik's special forces, but it serves a very different purpose. All the other weaponry is exchanged for a light gauss rifle, making this a relatively mobile sniper mech.

  • 3D file format: STL





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