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28mm Portaloo and other Scatter Terrain

3D model description

This Thing is a collection of 28mm scale wargame scatter terrain. The pieces were all designed to be included in make-shift barricades. Included are:

  • A single piece portaloo.
  • A multi-part portaloo with interior.
  • Two 40 gallon drums.
  • A locker with working doors.
  • A model 729 tape unit.
  • An iron bed frame (for barricade building).

The 28mm scale sci fi truck is also a printable kit we sell on DriveThruRPG here:

  • 3D model format: STL



I'm a hobbyist war-gamer based in New Zealand. I'm focused on creating original 3D designs for 28mm scale war-gaming that can print quickly and easily on low priced hobbyist consumer 3D printers.

See for my designs in action on the war gaming table.



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