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Veho MUVI NPNG Camera Holder for TBS Discovery Brushless Gimbal

3D model description

Just modified turbi's camera holder from the Open Brushless Gimbal to fit onto Nathan_'s front mount TBS Discovery Gimbal and then modified the holder again to fit the Veho MUVI NPNG HD camera.

Added a hole at the bottom to use the standard 1/4" x 20 tripod mount then threw in a spacer incase you don't have a really short screw and are stuck using a more standard 1/2" length 1/4"x20 screw like me.


Uploaded a v2 BETA camera holder; Slightly thinner with a deeper groove + nub to prevent vibration related depression of the record button.


Uploaded v2.1 beta camera holder; mesh repairs made to v2.

Deleted v2 beta camera holder; Testers, please update to v2.1


I don't have time to work actively on this particular project these days..just cleaning house on some old designs.

This v2 is still officially an untested BETA so I'm looking to some of you other makers out there on the Thingiverse sporting MUVIs to help me out by Beta-testing!

If you download the beta, please report back some detailed results in the Comments section (either related to the update, vids :) , or anything else you think could use improvement)

3D printing settings

Mount up your Veho NPNG.

I recommend a small piece of tack, a thin peice of felt, a thin rubber pad, a tiny wad of electric tape, or a 5-10mm piece of thick double-sided tape on the sidewall of the inner mount just under the film button to prevent vibration related issues.

  • 3D file format: STL





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