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Uranium glass oscillator

3D model description

Here is my version of uranium glass oscillator. This was inspired by amazing Instructable project

I decided to make a 3D printable case and use it as a part of my Borg costume from Star Trek.

You can vary the capacitor and resistor value to change the frequency. I used 1uF capacitor and 200k resistor to have reasonably slow rotation (use 100k and 0.1uF to increase frequency). The transistors I used are: 2N2222 and the LED's are 400nm UV 5mm LED.

The uranium glass bit I bought online. Mine was part of a key ring and the bead was 19mm diameter. If yours is bigger or smaller you can scale the model to make a perfect fit.

  • 3D model format: STL



Physics, 3D printing, Programming, Astronomy and Sci-fi - that's me \//



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Dear Poblocki, I saw your interesting Uraniums oscillator and wanted to build it for my upcoming comstume Party. I am not too experienced with electrics but I realized that I miss some details for the UV LED. Do you remember watt, volt and mAmps for it? I guess these values will have a strong Impact on the oscillator and the brightness. So far I only found a 3.5V 20mA 500mcd UV LED. Would that be okay? (5004PCH02) Thank you so much for your help! Ralf from Frankfurt / Germany