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"Tilt Bar" angles Laptop Keyboards for improved comfort, ease of use and convenience

3D model description

Most Laptops have flat keyboards so the screen can close over the top of it.... but that is far from good from a user comfort point of view. This is a compact, easy 3D printed solution that should work with almost any laptop...

Desktop computers usually have keyboards that can be tilted / angled towards the user. Tablets also have stands that tilt the screen (which displays the keyboard) and even Laptop Docking Stations tilt the laptop to effectively make the keyboard tilted towards the user.

Having your keyboard tilted / angled towards the user, rather than sitting flat, makes it easier to type, is more comfortable, and improves posture.... so there are potential ergonomic benefits for the user.

So why do most Laptop users live with a flat keyboard every day?

This 'Laptop Tilt Bar' angles almost any Laptop back towards the user at an angle that meets the approval of most users. The design is very compact, so it can easily be carried with the Laptop, it's free standing and lightweight.

However, the minimalistic design (for 3D printing use to minimise print time and filament used) uses angles designed to reduce the likelihood of the Laptop moving or the Tilt Bar slipping out of place. When positioned correctly, and used in conjunction with soft adhesive backed foam rubber pads, the Tilt Bar should support the Laptop at a comfortable angle with next to no movement.

The use of adhesive backed foam rubber is recommended to improve surface grip and reduce the likelihood of slippage. However, it is not essential for most laptops with rubber pads on the front corners as they also restrict the Laptops ability to move / slide.

This has been tested by a number of people with nothing but positive feedback,,,

Please view all the information provided in the images and read the print instructions provided.

An additional benefit is it should help with Laptop cooling as the rear is off the desk. However, this design is more about convenience, easy of use and comfort than anything else.

Note: If your Laptop doesn't have rubber pads on the front corners it may be necessary to make/fit some to make sure the Laptop and Tilt Bar (which is free standing) is less likely to move around.

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3D printing settings

Easy print...

This should print well on most machines with Raft On / Std. 02.0mm resolution / No Support (as the required support has been designed in) / 3 shells / 15% Infill.

The Tilt Bar was designed for use with 15.6" and 14" screen laptops. It should work as well with other screen size laptops but may require scaling down/up slightly to suit.

  • 3D file format: STL





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