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Tall MacBook Pro 16/17/18 Desk Stand

3D model description

MacBook Pro 2018 stand to use with a large external display. Positions the body as steep as possible so the display remains perfectly vertical. Probably works with 2016/17 but I can't be sure they open to the same angle.

Inspired by the design of

I wanted a desk stand for my MBP that would take up as little footprint real estate as possible, hence the steep angle and vertical display.

All pieces fit on an i3 Mk2S (250x210mm), just.

Designed to be printed left side, right side, and two horizontal braces that get superglued in place (I used PLA for this print to make gluing easy).

Some notes:
-Since the laptop is positioned with the screen all the way open, you can't tilt it up past perfectly vertical. Using it now, I don't actually love this - even with the screen positioned very high, I still feel the need to tilt it back. I'll probably make a 15-degree less-steep version soon.
-I probably won't print this again myself since each vertical takes about 6.5 hours. Instead, I'll probably just add rubber feet to the front only to tilt it back a bit.
-The CG of the laptop is positioned almost perfectly between the two contact points, so overall it's quite stable despite having the CG so high. But 'propping' the front or back like I intend to do shifts that CG, making it less stable. The 15-degree-less-steep version I make will have the CG in the same position, so it remains as stable.

In the end, now that I've got this and a vertical, closed-position stand, there's a good chance I just use that.

Basically, I'd encourage you to print this only if you know for sure you want your laptop as high as possible and perfectly vertical. Otherwise, I'd wait for a less aggressive version.

  • 3D model format: STL





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