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Super 8, Standard 8mm, and 16mm Film Reel Generator

3D model description

This is a generator for film reels for Super8, standard 8mm, and 16mm film reels. I also included a set of 3 standard sizes for each version as STL files. The reels have 3 insert for the films in the core to make it easy to fit the film onto the spool.

The generator is fully parameterized, so you can change the exact specifications in any way you want. It is also easy to control the how narrow the center hole for the spool is and how tight the fitting of the two halves is. In the .scad file there is documentation on all the variables you can set, and some suggestions for standard sizes, that i used to generate the included set.
You can also use the customizer from thingiverse on this generator.

The reels consists of a bottom and top part, which should be printed separately and which fit nicely together, only in the correct orientation.

I printed the Super8 ones myself and they work very well if printed correctly!

  • 3D file format: STL





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