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StratoBot Stratomaker Simplifier

3D model description


StratoBot Simplify

The idea of ​​this model is to retranscribe the spirit of Stratomaker.

Starting from the simple and connected use of the Stratomaker printer, the idea came to make a mascot friendly, simple, refined, with the humanoid aspect with the ability to carry it everywhere by becoming a keychain.

This mascot can accompany the user in his first impression to show the operation of the printer and the possibilities of rapid prototyping. Requiring precision and finesse of printing, with functional parts and details, it highlights the characteristics of the Stratomaker printer.

Its simple, one-piece, unsupported design makes it the perfect mascot to welcome and inspire members of the Stratomaker family.

It only remains to launch the impression!


3D printing settings

One-time printing without support

Dimension to the print: 41 * 48 * 55 mm

  • 3D model format: STL



Étudiant ingénieur en ingénierie de produit avec une spécialité design, je suis passionné par l'innovation et les nouvelles technologies.



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