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Soda bottle watering cap

3D model description

I saw a dad showering a kid from a drinking bottle. It did not look so practical. So i made a shower head to any standard plastic bottle! It works nicely.

There are two versions of the cap: a high flow version (with bigger dome) and a low flow version. The low flow one gives a much lower flow. This means that after swimming in the sea a short haired person can shower off the seawater with 0,5l water!
This low flow cap is named "3Dan_soda_waterer_small_flow.stl"

The low flow version has also a V-shaped bottle contact surface which functions as a seal. A little bit of water is still leaking from the threads but I do not see it as a problem.

Please see an awesomeGIF animation of the product in use!

3D printing settings

Printed with FlashForge Creator Pro. 0,2mm layer hight is good enough.
Please use at least 20% infill (I used 20%). When tightening the cap on the bottle, it is a great force that loves to tear layers from each other. So a little bit more infill is welcome.

  • 3D file format: STL





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Hi Lars,

The model is designed so that you do not need supports. Thats why the inside is dome shaped and not flat.

Orient it so that the threaded hole is against the build plate and it should print fine.

H, I like your design!
Did you print it without supports?
I try to slice it and i think without supports it can be really difficult to print.