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Simple Osmo Pocket GoPro Mount(s) [UPDATED]

3D model description

Got your fancy new gimbal but can't mount it anywhere? Print one of these!

2019-01-11 Update: Just got my official DJI Action Cam Mount in the mail.. I won't be using it. It's HUGE, takes over the accessory port, and makes you remove and store the phone plug somewhere (and loose it). It's also just overly beefy for this intricate camera. I'll be sticking with my design.

2019-05-16 Update: you know you've made it big when the thing you design is copied and apparently available on amazon.. right? If it's easier to buy it there than print it I recommend you do, it just doesn't have any cutouts so you'll have to mount it further down below the buttons. My design lets the phone adapter act as a keyway and lock it in place higher up on the body.

A few variants:

  • simple mount is the original, flat, very quick printing version. Now with 3/4/5 wall widths!
  • clippy is a two-part low-profile direct gopro-clip design as seen in the second photo. It's perfect for adding to the top, side, or front of a bike/motorcycle helmet.
  • lanyard is a simple lanyard mount that should've come built-in to the stupid thing. This one is 4-wall-width, see the separate Thing for more options.
  • osmo pocket angled mount is an angled design intended to move the gopro connector up the body of the Osmo Pocket to slightly above its center of mass. The offset leaves it with a little give in some directions so it's not my favorite version.

I've so far used this mount on my bicycle helmet for excellent footage up to ~25mph and on a motorcycle helmet chin-mount up far past 70mph and gotten gorgeous footage. Here's a video of motorcycle riding at night

These take ~30 minutes to print. You can easily adjust the wall thicknesses and such_ in onshape. Most of these are Designed to be printed with supports.. they pop out super easily.

Designed in onshape, easily adjust, remix, and extend the design. Here's the public page.

Held in-place two ways:

  • Tightening the gopro bolt tightly holds around the circumference of the Osmo
  • The phone connector acts as a keyway to lock it in-place.

Easily removed two ways:

  • Just loosening the gopro bolt by hand lets you slide the Osmo out just by removing the phone adapter.
  • After fully unbolting the gopro mount it's so strong and flexible it can be flexed right off without removing the phone adapter. PLA works great and PETG or Nylon would probably work even better if you're into that.
  • 3D model format: STL





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