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RAPIRO - The Humanoid Robot for your Raspberry Pi

3D model description

RAPIRO is a cute and affordable robot kit designed to work with a Raspberry Pi. It comes with a Arduino-compatible servo controller.

  • Comes with 12 servo motors and full-color LED of eyes.
  • Easy assembly. Anyone can assemble a RAPIRO with only a screwdriver, without the need for any soldering.
  • The servo control board is programmable and is completely compatible with the Arduino.
  • Designed to mount the Raspberry Pi and Camera module in the head.
  • Designed to mount a PSD distance sensor and speakers.

3D printing settings

You have to buy following parts to assemble the robot.

*6 large servos:

*6 small servos:

*6 large servo arm sets:

*6 small servo arm sets:

*A Rapiro board:

*A Rapiro LED board:

*A switch cable:

*A 5-pole cable L=250mm:

*A 6-pole cable L=250mm:

*28 tapping screws 3-6mm:

*18 tapping screws 2-7mm:

*30 tapping screws 2-5mm:

*Battery contacts

  1. Head_front
  2. Head_back
  3. Body_upper
  4. Body_lower
  5. Waist
  6. Forehead
  7. Eyes
  8. Neck
  9. Shoulder_inside (*2pcs)
  10. Shoulder_outside (*2pcs)
  11. Arm_front_R
  12. Arm_back_R
  13. Arm_front_L
  14. Arm_back_L
  15. Hand_R
  16. Hand_L
  17. Leg (*2pcs)
  18. Foot_R
  19. Sole_R
  20. Foot_L
  21. Sole_L
  22. Ear_R
  23. Ear_L
  24. Battery_box_A
  25. Battery_box_B
  • 3D file format: STL





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