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3D model description

The PrintBot Crab is an educational curriculum that can be used as a heap and can grab objects with its pincers.

You can see the robot in action at:

This modular robot has been designed to attach other components such as LEDs, push buttons, buzzer, And other sensors included in the product "My first robotic kit" distributed by bq.

3D printing settings

Printed parts:
1 x Battery_holder
1 x Cangrejo_body
1 x Cangrejo_central_legs
1 x Cangrejo_central_servo_support
1 x Cangrejo_eyes
1 x Cangrejo_pincers_LEFT
1 x Cangrejo_pincers_RIGHT
1 x Cangrejo_shell
2 x Cangrejo_axes_link
2 x Cangrejo_back_leg
2 x Cangrejo_front_leg

Electronic Components:
1 x Freaduino UNO (Arduino UNO derivative)
3 x Miniservos (ES08A or similar)
1 X 8 AAA battery holder

Optional Electronic Components:
1 x Bluetooth module

8 x AAA batteries
2 x M3x40 screw
2 x M3x35 screw
3 x M3x16 screw
8 x M3x12 screw
15 x M3 nut
4 X Little rubber bands
6 x Rubber ferrule (10mm diameter)

Build Instructions
See the attached pdf (in Spanish). Pictures are clear enough to follow the steps even if you do not understand Spanish.

Example code
Attached you will find the Arduino programs. The main program uses the Oscilator librarie based on Ardusnake made by obijuan.

Ana de Prado Navarrete

  • 3D file format: STL



BQ es una de las principales tecnológicas europeas. Su objetivo es ayudar a las personas a entender la tecnología, animarles a utilizarla e inspirarles a crearla. BQ aplica esta filosofía a sus dispositivos (smartphones, impresoras 3D o robótica, entre otros) y trabaja para hacer de la tecnología una herramienta que mejore el mundo y la vida de sus usuarios.

BQ is one of the leaders in European technology. Their objective is to help people understand technology, inspire them to use it and develop it. BQ applies this philosophy to its products (smartphones, 3D printers, and robotics, amongst others), working towards making technology a tool that improves the world and the life of their users.

All the things and all the published material cannot be considered as a final product of BQ and BQ takes no responsibility of its use.

It must be considered as an experimental and early released product developed with the intention to share it and test it as soon as possible within the community.

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