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Pi - iP Cam

3D model description

For a little while now I wanted to have a ip camera for my CR-10 Printer.
The projects are stacking up, and the projects are getting bigger and longer print time’s

So I want to check up with my printer true a ip camera.
Why not use Octoprint you ask?
Well I have bin printing for about 5 to 6 years now.
In the past I did try octoprint but back then it had a lot of issues.
I don’t’ know how the latest version is, but maybe in the future I will give it a norther shot.

For this project I wanted to make the camera case as small as possible.
I had a Raspberry pi zero w laying around that was perfect for this project.

And i wanted to use GPIO pins for control.

  1. Push botton to turn the pi off\on.
  2. A led indicator to see if the pi is off\on.
  3. And power supply so i don't have to use the USB

And since it’s bin a long time ago that I used my milling machine, I wanted to use that as well for this project.

I understand that not everybody owns a milling machine so i also included *.stl files for printing.
But also the *.dxf files for milling.

Shopping List:

Raspberry pi zero w
Raspberry pi Cam.
1x Low current 5mm led.
1x NO push switch
18x 2,2x6,5 mm screws
2x M4 t-nuts
2x M4x10 hex bolts

For the see thru peaces is used 3mm polycarbonate

The software i'm using for this project is Motioneye.

If something is unclear or you have questions let me know at


3D printing settings

Layer Height: 0.1 or 0.2
Shell Thickness: 0.8
Bottom/top thickness: 0.4
Infill: 30

No support.
(Support build in for flat cable, easily to break out)

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



Hello all, I'm Bishop.
In real life I'm a mechanical engineer.
But in my spare time i love making 3d models.,3d printing and playing with arduino's and raspberry pi's

I love making models for other people like,
milling machines, 3d printers, jewelry, practical things and yes also naughty toys,
and a lot off other stuff.

I hope you will like and enjoy my models!



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