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Phone Stand project by Mayku

3D model description

Fetch the phone stand template from your FormBox starter kit.
You will see draft angles on the sides of the shape.
These slopes help the template come out of the mold easily. You should add these draft angles to your own designs, too!

Take a Mayku Cast Sheet from the starter kit.
Peel the protective film from the top of the sheet. Remember, you can put this into household recycling.
Place the sheet in the FormBox, and start to heat the plastic.
Place the phone stand template in the centre of the vacuum plate.
When the plastic is ready you will see ripples at the edges of the sheet and a droop in the middle.
Form the template with the Mayku Cast Sheet.
Allow the plastic to cool and gently pop the template out.

Prepare some Mayku Pour Plaster by mixing the powder with water using the measuring scoops provided.
Pour the plaster into the mold to just below the rim.
Shake the mold to remove any air bubbles. You'll see them rise to the surface.
Leave to set for 30 minutes.
Pop the phone stand out of the mold by applying firm pressure to the top of the mold.
Sand the edges with fine sandpaper for a professional finish.

3D printing settings

  • 3D model format: STL


We believe in the power of making. The #FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that lets you make professional products from your tabletop.



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