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Oscar l'escargot #STRATOMAKER

3D model description

A mascot is something that with its forms represents a group, a place or a concept. For the most Romantics, comes from the Provençal term "lucky charm, amulet". Thinking what I was going to represent and how I want do it, I imagined Oscar. In addition to the funny reference to France and to the Stratomaker logo that reminded me the shell of a snail, is another the reason of my choice. Oscar the snail is known for its slowness and
this reminded me of 3D print. No matter how defective it may be, the snail as well as 3D print, has its own finish line. And no matter how long it will take, it will always come to the point. This was the concept that fascinated me. Willfulness and strength, these are the concepts that I associate.

Obviously Oscar is not just a concept but it is also a form. I imagined a mascot that was especially nice to the public, who created empathy with anyone, big or small. This is the reason for his huge smile.
Technically it is a print that can be reproduced without supports, this for me was important to underline. I wanted a model that was ready as soon as printed, that during an event
it could be ready and easy to print. It is a scalable form, proportionate for each dimension. The average print time
for a 10 cm model, is about 2 hours.


3D printing settings

layer height 0.2 mm
infill 15%
no supports

  • 3D file format: STL





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