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Nvidia Jetson TK2 with cutout (SolidWorks 2019 files)

3D model description

Nvidia Jetson TK2 dust cover modified to expose the buttons more and enable access to additional port. (I think it's for a video card or memory? I didn't really work with the board much.)

**Not all Jetsons have this port.

One file is the cutout, the other is a board with my University Robotics Team logo on it.
Files are in SolidWorks ver. 2019-20 and STL.


  • 3D file format: SLDPRT and STL



Hi, I am a 3d modeler and I work primarily with SolidWorks and vector graphics. My background is in engineering and electronics and I am more familiar with technical designs. I'm interested in designing household tools, cosplay accessories, and one-off models.

I'm getting more used to organic modeling and sculpting so let me know if you want a simple 3d model for hire.



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