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Narrative Clip Case with Adjustable Camera Cover

3D model description

I liked sk8kim's narrative case, but noticed there were a few flaws such as no spaces for the charger or indicator light, and with the front of the clip covered the touch feature was a little tricky to activate. So I brought it into TinkerCAD and added those in, and also made a separate piece that can cover the camera at any time. Now all the functions of the narrative clip can be used without taking the case off.

3D printing settings

I included the files together and separate incase people want to print in dual colors like I did. I printed the case at a .2 layer height, 50% infill, and supports. I printed the cover at .2 and 90% fill, but 50% is probably ok. After printing, it may require some sanding/filing to get the cover to fit.

  • 3D file format: STL



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