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Modular Motion Tracking Framework

3D model description

Reconfigurable framework to create stand in props when match moving 3D objects in to video footage. To use this, you'll want some countersunk 4G 10mm or up to 15mm screws, which you should be able to find at any hardware store. You'll also want some brightly coloured paint or plastics to make the high contrast ball ends.

The rod allows quick connection at right angles to other rods via their screw hole ends, and ball arms can be attached from any of the holes. Balls can be moved around without needing to unscrew anything via a simple quick bayonet connector, so you can swap colours around or put different sized balls on the arms without any drama.

You can also screw the arms on to other surfaces to mount the balls on to costumes or existing objects. The balls have a flattened surface on one side and can sit happily on flat surfaces to provide extra camera tracking objects in a scene.

I designed these for working with blender's tracking tools, but they should be useful in other VFX software, and could be used with blob tracking in processing or other art coding tools to quickly make props with realtime 9-dof absolute positional tracking.

I'll keep adding objects as I need them. Feel free to request any!

3D printing settings

Print at 0.2mm layer height, using brightly coloured plastics or neon spray paint on the balls, and plain (black, white) plastics/paint on the body. You may want to spray a matte finish if your plastic comes out shiny, because moving reflections can complicate tracking.

  • 3D file format: STL





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