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3D model description

You know what's useful? Dental floss! Not just for teeth either. Floss is tough and thin, and very strong. Use it to fix shoelaces, hang things up, improvise a washing line - even cut a cake with precision! Dental floss is your friend.

However, who carries floss around with them? You will! At least, you will once you've printed this handy, tiny floss spool, perfect for attaching to keys, lanyards and hat strings.

Despite being only the size of a large bead, the spool can hold a remarkable length of floss, and is securely contained by the screw-on cover. Two covers are provided - one with a keyring loop, and one without. The whole thing is solid and strong, designed to take knocks and bumps every day.

Take this design further, and incorporate it into your own 3D printed tools and gadgets - imagine how useful it would be to have a screw-out floss spool in the handle of your knife, or in the case for your phone!

So, go ahead - it's a quick and easy print! You'll wonder how you ever did without it.


3D printing settings

Designed with gentle angles for easy printing, but obviously you'll want a relatively small nozzle to retain the detail. 0.4mm is fine. 1.0mm is probably not your friend here.

Since this is a small item, infill is probably not so relevant, as the walls will likely be solid anyway.

  • 3D model format: STL





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