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Microphone Shockmount for Camera Shoe / Tripod / Stand

3D model description

Microphone shock mount for standard camera shoe. Use o-rings or rubber bands that best suit your setup. There are three lengths sizes of the piece "hinge" to choose the separation between the two "ring" pieces, reference pictures show the shortest one. There are also three sizes of the "joint" piece (that should be printed in high resolution), reference pictures show the shortest one.

1x M4 nut
2x M4 washers
1x M4x20mm screw (hex head)

1x M3 nut
1x M3x20mm screw (flat or pan head)

Edit: added an experimental rubberless ring for 21mm diameter mics. May neet to put some thin fabric between mic and plastic to avoid little displacement noises.

Edit: added piece "joint_stand", to screw the mount to standard 3/8" 16 microphone Stand and tripod head mount screws.

Licensed under The TAPR Open Hardware License

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3D printing settings


Prusa i3


0.125 / 0.250


25% / 50%

There are 3 pieces that shoud be printed in high resolution 0.125 or less (see files) and 50% infill. The rest can be printed in lower resolution (0.25) and 25% infill.

How I Designed This
Designed with Google Sketchup free 2016.

  • 3D file format: STL



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