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Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand

3D model description

This is a great design that I've dialed in and got working very well. Looks great and is very functional. This stand allows multiple viewing angles and best of all has a quick grab/release mechanism that grabs and locks the phone in when you let go and releases when you pick up the phone.

This design currently works best for larger phones (iPhone 8 plus/XS Max size), but I am working on a universal version, just need to get my hands on the smaller devises to test and dial it in.

The entire design is printable other than a small extension spring that needs to be installed when putting the stand together.

5mm x 10mm extension springs work great and can be found in this kit for a great price:
Spring Kit -

Filament Used

All black part seen in pictures are an amazing PLA filament I print with often:
Ziro Carbon fiber PLA -

I'm printing with a Prusa i3 MK3s so I use Prusament a lot too. All orange filament seen is:
Prusament Orange PETG -

  • 3D model format: STL



Just a Modest Maker



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Thanks a bunch man!
I edited your design a bit to make it fit a note 9 with a chunky steel case and to make it screw onto the suction cup and telescopic arm of my previous mount.
Works a charm :D

Thank but not compatible with Huawei Mate 20 pro ,too bad because system fun!

It looks great, but do you have a plan to mount it?

a small blueprint to assemble it could be good.
I find some parts a bit confusing and too short to be assembled properly

zip file is empty :)

Why not replacing the small extension spring with a rubber band?

Curious what the deminsions are for phone placement? My Note 9 is 162mm. I know the plus 8 is 158.4mm. Looking at the gif. It looks like it might work but wanted to confirm.