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Lytro Un-loseable Lens Cap

3D model description

An improvement to the stock lens cap for the Lytro Lightwave camera.

3D printing settings

Lytro's new lightwave camera has an unusual (and while pretty) and not very ergonomic design. it comes with a smal square magnetic lens cap which sticks to the front. While it looks good it falls off all the time and is one of those things destined to be lost since it is a loose component. I decided to design a replacement that would be un-lose-able. This simple design does the trick. A radius on the rectangles help it match the Lytro's design. The bridge between the cap and the ring is .5mm which becomes a flexible film when printed in ABS.

Set layer to .25 and infill to 100

Another "real" and practical object created in Tinkercad and printed on Makerbot.

  • 3D file format: STL





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