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LB RB replacements for xbox one controller (day one edition)1537

3D model description

fixing controllers I've noticed that the LB-RB triggers of the xbox one controllers day one edition easily broken, so I've made these recplacements, thay are not 3d scannings so are not as beautiful as the original one but works great and the leaver is stronger than the original one.

so if u end up with broken buttons and need an emergency fix , here u are :)

I hope to improve the stile as soon as I can.

infill 50% , 2shells, with supports ,I suggest to print them lying down with the upper face

there are 4 files:
- the LB and RB have the holes at 2.5mm as the original one
-the LB04 and RB04 , have holes increased by 0.4mm as my printer has problems making right inner holes for the arc approsimatin and the nozzle dimension, so u can try these or just drill :)

  • 3D file format: STL





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