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Kodak Play Sport Video Camera Ski Pole Mount

3D model description

This is a bracket to mount a Kodak Play Sport video camera to a ski pole. It is designed for easy on and easy off. The Play Sport is an older HD waterproof video camera. It is possible this design could be modified for other flip type cameras.

Note, I'm still testing this so the design may evolve as I discover issues.

3D printing settings

Before you start you will need the following hardware:
3x 6-32 nuts
1x 1/2 inch 6-23 screw
2x 1/2 inch 6-32 thumbscrews
1x 1/2 inch 1/4-20 thumbscrew to fit the tripod mount on the camera

Print all the pieces. This should be done with high infill (80%) for strength. As the trapezoidal bracket piece is printing you will notice three pockets being formed. These pockets are for the 3x 6-32 nuts. You should pause the printer and put the nuts in just before they are covered up. The right time to insert them will be layer 5 or 6 after the bold holes are covered over if you are using 0.3 mm layers. The nuts must not hang out over the top of the print or the head will hit them as it prints the next layer. Putting the nuts in is easiest if you are printing all the parts because then you can stop the print head while it is working on another part and not in the way. A nail is useful to adjust the nuts in the pockets so the holes line up with the ones being printed. Some adjustment is possible after the print is done, but it is harder. One of the pictures shows the nuts correctly inserted in the bracket. Be careful not to bump the tray or the head while inserting the nuts or you could loose print alignment.

Once all the parts are printed and cooled, attache the trapezoidal bracket to the camera holder using the single normal 6-32 screw. The screw should be mostly countersunk into the camera holder. The two 6-32 thumbscrews are for attaching the smaller bracket to the larger bracket on the ski pole. When you wish to attach the camera, you may want to wrap the carrying strap around the pole as security before sliding it into the camera holder. Tighten the larger thumbscrew on the bottom to secure it.

  • 3D file format: STL





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