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3D model description

This is a joystick concept I have playing with for a while. :-)
It is based on 3 potentiometers and an Arduino Nano.
I have tested with and it works very well. :-)
In the pictures I also added rubber bands to force it to the center.
The glue holds the rubber bands in place. Yes, it’s not a delicate solution, but it works. :-)

I also added a photo of a test with a drawing arm. I invented a very difficult way of drawing. :-)

You also need:
4X Bearing 624ZZ (diameter 13mm, thickness 5mm, hole 4mm)
1x Bearing 635 (diameter 19mm, thickness 6mm, hole 5mm)
6x M4x20mm and 6 nuts
4x M3x20mm and 4 nuts
2X M3x10mm and 2 nuts
3x potentiometers (B1 P160KN3K) I used 50K Ohm because I had those. See print screen for dimensions

Printed in PET-G, 0.2mm resolution

  • 3D file format: STL



Hi! I started my own website now. All new models I make will be posted there first from now on. I may post some in the future, but only when I have time. To see all my new work, go to: Yes it's in dutch, but you can set it to the language you want. It's on the top right corner of every page :-). With the exception of payment models. If I have new ones, I will still offer them here :-)

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