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iPod 4 Touch Cases

3D model description

The iPod cases I downloaded and tried where not fitting right in my son's iPod so I did this.

The patterns I used here can be downloaded in and

This thing's OpenSCAD is too dirt and messy to upload it, sorry, just let me know if you would like to risk a headache and I may include it "as is".

For the logo I used a flatbed scanner and Inkscape to get a couple of DXF that are then used as shown in the OpenSCAD available for download.

Update Aug. 03 2013:

Uploaded a few test STL to allow a quick print and check and prevent having to waste time and material printing something that doesn't fit right. Thanks a lot to FherraZ for pointing this out!

3D printing settings

Single Extruder Only:

- iP4_case.stl

- iP4_gCarved.stl

Dual Extruder Only:

- iP4_gCarvedDual_Case.stl & iP4_gCarvedDual_Top.stl

Single or Dual Extruder:

(use the 1st STL for single extrusion or combine it with the 2nd STL for dual)

- iP4_zCase.stl & iP4_zStripes.stl

- iP4_gCase_nnn.stl & iP4_gSpots_nnn.stl

For the last ones (gCase & gSpots) "nnn" is the thickness of the lines (150 = 1.50 mm) and must be the same number for the two files being merged into one build.

Test STLs for fit check and scaling factor:

"test_edges.stl" and "test_corners.stl" may be tricky and are not "the best choice" to take measurements and determine the scaling factor. However, when using them onto a flat surface, they give a very good idea about the fit.

On my tests, "test_cap.stl" fits slightly tigh in the top of the device and slightly losse in the bottom (I just don't get why but it's like that) "test_side.stl" fits just that little bit loose however, there's no noticeable play so it's fine.

To determine the scaling factor you'll need to measure one of the test STL files, "guess" how much bigger or smaller it shoud be and use as scaling factor the result of:

(your meaurement + or - amount) / your measurement

IMO, the best measurement can be done for the outer width of the case close to the corners, the average size in a set of 12 that I've print is 62.68mm, say 62.7mm. This same measurement in the "test_cap.STL" shows a value close to 62.4mm. Good luck!

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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