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Insta360 EVO FPV Mount

3D model description

This is First Person View mount for Insta360 EVO camera, which is a nice piece of VR-camera (5.7k 180 stereo or 360 mono)
This mount is for 180 stereo mode

There is a two versions Normal (evo-Head-Fixed.stl), where camera is attached upside down and lenses are in most natural position to operator's eyes, but at the moment you should convert footage in Insta360 Studio on your PC in order to get correct eyes order (camera do the magnificient stabilization and rotate each eye correctly, but eyes are swapped :(
So there is alternative version (inverted) and in this version camera not rotated, but lenses will be about your brows level
It would be nice if Insta360 engeneers add "upsidedown-mode" in to camera's settings but for now we have this options (Convert after on a PC or use inverted rig)
This is Work In Progress, i will do some tweaks further

  • 3D file format: STL





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