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Hand Cranked Vinyl Player v2.0

3D model description

This is the eagerly anticipated, much improved version 2.0 of the printable, working hand-cranked record player I won the GhostlyVinyl challenge with.

Featured changes:

- Less parts required to print

- Most parts snap together without glue

- Smoother crank mechanism

- Turntable very secure on the shaft

As with the previous version, all pieces are still neatly grouped and aligned and designed to fit in a 15x15x15cm cube, though I seperated all the tonearm components into a single set, as I felt the pieces confused a few people. Now you know exactly what's part of the player and what's part of the tonearm.

And yes, it still prints without rafts or supports!

Like v1.0, it still assembles in about 5 minutes, but you will find that this version snaps together a lot better, which means that you will need far less glue than the last version.

If the piece of paper isn't grooving to your beats, try a thicker card stock. The sticky tape and needle for the amplifier are still essential, though I found the more vertical you could hold the needle, and more surface area of the paper you could attach it to the better the sound quality.

Don't forget your handy dandy glue!

The deluxe edition of v2.0 still features tiny felt squares, glued down to the square top, which will reduce friction noise and scratching.

Hope this one is a lot more user friendly and that everyone enjoys it. My wishlist still includes a zoetrope top for this instead of the turntable (which I'm halfway through designing), so stay tuned for that.

  • 3D file format: STL





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