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GoPro Battery Case (Hero 5,6 & 7)

3D model description

This is a battery case for GoPro 5-6-7 batteries. I wanted a single-battery case that wasn’t bulky, but compact, slim, and perfect fit around the battery. Didn't find one I was happy with, so I designed this one in TinkerCad. I use it for my spare batteries when snowboarding, to protect the battery from moisture and dirt when i have it in my pocket. Works great!

On my Flashforge Finder printer, i used 0.20 resolution and 100% infill which gave a good friction between the lid and the case. Fresh from the printer the lid and the case have some serious grip (a bit too much), it is supposed to be this way, what you do is to force open/close the lid a couple of times, this dulls the sharp edges on the case corners, so you are left with just the right amount of friction. I guess different printers/extruder calibration will give slightly different results regarding friction, so if the lid doesn't hold on to the case good enough, you might need to tweak how much "squish" you have between the nozzle and the bed to get it right. I have the extruder gap calibrated so that it just barely scrathes a plain A4 papersheet between the nozzle and the bed. Print the case standing up, bottom to bed, and the lid with the gopro-letters facing down.

If you make this, I would appreciate it if you upload a picture, Enjoy! =)

  • 3D file format: STL





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