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FTC Robot (out dated)

3D model description

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Se this robot in action the bottom left robot (the colorful one)

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Unlike a typical cube robot, this robot can be produced by only spending a total of $100 across 2 spools of filament and hardware (excluding the phones, motors, battery and Rev Expansion hub). A typical robot could cost upwards of $400 - $600 (excluding the phones, motors, battery and Rev Expansion hub).

Just a quick summary, this project is a full size, competition ready, FTC Robot. This robot uses a unique building system that allows mechanisms to be added or taken off without disassembling the whole robot. Also, this robot has a universal chassis that can be used for years on different FTC games. This robot design is clean, professional, and easy to organize wires. The hole size fits #6-32 screws self threading holes.

In the past season, this robot design was very competitive among other FTC robots. Last year, this robot design had a total of 34 ranking points at the end of it's season. The front half and the riser platform (Yellow parts in the diagram) are able to mount different mechanisms. It is a direct drive system making it easy to drive and program.

The total build time for this puzzle piece robot is about 1-3 hours. This time makes it easy for the robot to be built in 1-2 build meeting. The robot is easy to build. However, small adjustment may have to be made in order to mount certain mechanisms. The print time is long in total time. The time ranges from (smallest part) 15 minutes to about 2 hours (largest part).


2 Rev Expansion Hubs
1 Android phone
1 battery
4 Motors
1 Power rocker switch

Parts list (Hardware)

Step 1
80 - 1.5 inch #6-32 screws

Step 2

Expiation Hub mount
4 washers
4 - .75 inch #6-32 screws
4 - #6 nylock nuts

Battery platform
4 - 1.5 inch #6-32 screws

Battery mount
6 - .5 inch screws
6 - #6 nylock nuts

Step 3
8 - 2.5 inch #6-32 screws
8 - #6 nylock nuts

Step 4
16 - 1.5 inch #6-32 screws

3D printed files

(1) Rev Expansion Hub Mount
(1) Battery base holder
(1) Battery Holder

(1) Middle connectors
(1) Middle Left T
(5) Mini fasteners connectors
(1) Front Right T
(1) Back Left Corner
(1) Middle Right T
(1) Back Right corner
(1) Front Left T

(2) Side risers
(2) Riser top Plates
(4) Motor Mounts
(2) Back risers
(4) Wheels

  • 3D file format: STL





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