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Dropcam Webcam Replicator 2/2X Mount

3D model description

A mounting bracket for the Dropcam & Dropcam Pro webcams. Designed to allow you to attach the Dropcam to your Replicator 2/2X.

Two lengths of camera mount are included; one for shorter builds and another for lots of Z-axis depth. The camera mount part is attached to the chassis clip via a press fit peg/wire clip.

3D printing settings

  1. Build the clip.stl and chassis-clip.stl parts on their narrow sides as depicted in the images. This is necessary to add strength to the part.

  2. Build with supports, they are necessary for the pin/peg of the clip.stl part.

  3. I built at 100% infill for added durability. I suggest you do the same.

  4. I printed in ABS on my Replicator 2X. The tolerances when I printed were very snug. 6mm peg in a 6mm hole. There's no way that pin was falling out.

  5. If you think you'll want to switch between the long and short versions fairly frequently, just print 2 of the clip.stl & chassis-clip.stl parts. This will give you two complete clips. There should be plenty of room on a single build plate for all the parts at once!


  • 3D file format: STL





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