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Dasaki Kinect2 (One) USB 3.0 / DC breakout connector adapter

3D model description

A connector to plug the Kinect 2 sensor to a computer USB 3.0 port and power plug (12v)

BOARDS ARE MIRRORED, as they are intended for toner transfer.
Boards' footprint is about 19x19 mm
Boards are 1mm thick

Connections as explained here:
Useful info also here:

Disclaimer: this is a work in progress and has not been tested yet!
I'm not responsible for any loss, problem or damage on anyone's device or equipment.

EDIT (28/01/2018): changed the license to GNU - GPL

If you are a curious maker / "tinker" / hacker, have a look at my blog:

3D printing settings

Print the 3D pieces in PLA, 0.2mm maximum layer height.
Cleanup the prints removing any imperfections.
Etch the boards in 1mm PCB and sand the edges until they fit on the printed plug piece (you will need two units of the "board_1"). Then drill the boards through the plugs holes.
Add a generous amount of solder tin to the boards paths and sand the tin, so all the kinect's pins make a good contact.
Check if the boards still fit well on the plug after adding the tin.
Solder the USB and DC wires.
Insert the boards on the plug and check everything is working.
If all is okay, put the covers on the plug sliding them and secure it with M3x20mm screws and nuts.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



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