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Cup Holder for Nissan NV200

3D model description

After designing and making an iPhone mount that went inside the cup holder on the dashboard of my van, I now had nowhere to put my cup of coffee unless I performed a difficult yoga move to reach the passenger side of the van!

So, I have created a cup holder that clips onto the pocket of the centre console. There are five pieces to the assembly. I printed them in PETG to withstand the potential hot environment inside a sunny vehicle and the possibility of a hot cup.

3D printing settings

Printer: Ender 3
Resolution: 0.2 mm
Speed 40mm/s
Material: PETG
Nozzle Temp: 235° (240° on the first layer)
Bed Temp: 65°
Infill: 20%
Walls: 3
Top Layers: 4
Bottom Layers: 3

  • 3D file format: STL



Friends know me as Mox, I live in the UK and have been on the planet for over half a century.

Tinkering with plastic creations is one of my pastimes, along with photography and enjoying the great outdoors.



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