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cr10 and i3 mega bed frame action cam mount - still bed timelapse

3D model description

I had slightly different bed frame mount for my anycubic i3 mega (3mm bed frame) that didn't fit cr10 bed frame (4mm).
since the octoprint with octolapse for some reason isn't working as it should on my cr10s i wanted to use the action cam i was using with i3 mega so i made this new mount.

This one works on both machines (give it couple of layers of painters tape for stronger grip on the frame).
It's easy and quick fit and swap for both machines (did couple of prints on both machines and it didn't move (or at least i didn't notice).

It's a bit longer and lower than the old one so now it can capture taller prints too.

3D printing settings

4+ perimiters and top and bottom layers
30+ % infill
pla works just fine for me

  • 3D model format: STL



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