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Coronavirus Lollipop Toy

3D model description

Hi so I was thinking of something to cheer up kids and I thought of a virion model where the spikes are actually lollipops (Chupa Chups).

This way, you can safely give coronavirus to other people!

The holder is a bit small right now, and the STL file is gynormous... I'll try and upload a better model in the next days...

I've used an icosahedron because I had a D20 model I made a few weeks ago and the candy packet I got had 20 pieces (that's why there are only 17 spikes in the pic...)

Edit: I've added a larger "core": it should look a bit less ungainly now.

3D printing settings

3 perimeter layers and 15% infill should do. Supports are not necessary but I usually add a skirt without spacing to improve adhesion.

  • 3D file format: STL





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