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CoolWave iPad Stand 2

3D model description

A stand for your iPad. Works in portrait and landscape modes and with Smart Cover on or off.

3D printing settings

I printed this with 0.8mm walls and 20% infill.

This is the second iteration of my Cool Wave iPad Stand. I took the first iteration down because I had trouble slicing it in Cura. This iteration is greatly improved:

1) Uses less plastic.
2) Slices nicely. Has no non-manifold geometry - at least none that I can find.
3) Is designed to be flexible, so if the print warps (and a print this size probably will), it will bend back into shape when the iPad is placed on it.

Warping was a big problem with version 1 - it had a solid base, and on my Ultimaker in PLA, with an unheated platform, it warped very slightly, but just enough to make it unstable.

The "cool wave" in question is:

(Cos[x ] + 1)/(x^2/60 + 1) for x, -7/Pi, 7 /Pi

I plotted this in curve in Mathematica and exported it to DXF. The rest of the work was done in Bonzai3D.

  • 3D file format: STL





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