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Camera Hot Shoe Cover

3D model description

I see that Nikon camera hot shoe has small plates curving up to the front side to help clip things better. Standard hot shoe cover has side lips along the cover from rear to front and I think if the hot shoe cover stays for long, the lips will weaken the hot shoe clips.

That's why I make a short lips (5 mm), so that they do not press the clips on hot shoe. Simple, no fancy, but it does its job that is covering the pins beneath.

Resolution at 0.2 mm will end up with thicker lips. Then you need more effort to sand or file them a little. Pick any resolution below 0.2 mm.

3D printing settings

Resolution : 0.16 mm
Support : No
Infill : Any
Printing Time : 10 minutes

Part height (z) information:
Lower body = 2.2 mm (body with lips)
Upper body = 1.2 mm (body without lips)
Forward signs = 1 mm

If you want to print two tones, then put M600 in your gcode after finishing z=3.4 or you can directly use printer dial menu (marlin or maybe different depends on the configuration of marlin installed in your machine) "tune" > "Change Filament".

I've printed more than 5 pieces but still no luck with high contrast tones. Changing from black to yellow, there are still some black at the hotend that made my yellow so pale ("-.-)
Another option is using marker pen on the "forward signs" (^_^ )

  • 3D file format: STL



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