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BTRemote 4/5 Axis, One handed Remote Control Joystick with Gyroscope, Bluetooth, display

3D model description

As my Spider Robot will not stay the only Bluetooth controlled gadget, and also wanting my 7 year old son to play with it without smartphone, I wanted a small remote control build out of standard components.
After completing I realised that it's close to the Wii-Nunchuck, but mine has on top:
-Display to e.g. select the Bluetooth drone / controlling options without connecting a PC,
-its free programmable using commonly used arduino IDE,
-having single cell AA Battery to power everything (no burning LIPOs)
So it's worth to continue this and work on the software steps next
It can be also used to explore new ways to control your existing robots.

Bill of material:

Please use the Affiliate Links, Maybe I'm getting a bit benefit out of it, but if you like my designs, support me via PayPal.
You may also directly support me via Paypal
AA Battery holder AliExpress
OLED Display AliExpress
Joystick Arduino AliExpress,
LowPower 0.9V StepUp Converter AliExpress <--Cool for small projects!
Arduino Nano AliExpress, (order without pins, otherwise you need to remove)
Bluetooth HC-05 (or other) AliExpress
There is also some that combine Nano and Bluetooth BLE-NANO and RF-NANO, I ordered them, but they didn't yet arrive.
Switch AliExpress
Multi-Axis-Sensor MMA8452, I used, More Axis

SourceCode and Wiki

Will be provided as soon as ready on Github
When soldering, use thinner cables than the normal patch cables, space is limited.
Recommend to print somehow transparent or semi-transparent material. That allows nice Arduino-light effects.

  • 3D file format: STL





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