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Beagle Bone Case

3D model description

A 3D Printed Case for mounting the Beagle Bone to the TurtleBot.

3D printing settings

This is a 3D Printable Case designed for the Beagle Bone printed on a Replicator Dual.
Additional Items Needed:
4 M4 Heated Threaded Inserts:
4 M4 Thumb Screws:
2 M3 Heated Threaded Inserts:
2 4mm M3 Screws:
1 8" Velcro Strap:

There are TWO (2) sets of files included. One set for printing a case that houses only the Beagle Bone. One set for printing a case that can house user installed shield and wiring.

  1. The Smaller Beagle Bone Case can be printed with the default Replicator settings. The Big Beagle Bone Case is a large object and as such subject to curling. It is recommend you use preventative techniques such as enclosing the printer or adjusting the print speed of the first few layers as suggested here: .

  2. Once printed, use the proper heating tool (like a compatible soldering iron tip) to install (2) M3 threaded inserts in the holes located inside the bottom half of the case. Install (4) M4 threaded inserts in the holes underneath the bottom half of the case.

  3. Place Velcro strap through the ports on the sides of the case.

  4. Fasten the Beagle Bone inside the Bottom Half using (2) 4mm M3 screws.

  5. Place top cover into position and secure case with velcro.

  6. Fasten to TurtleBot using (4) M4 Thumb Screws

  • 3D file format: STL





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