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Arduino based printbot HKTR-9000

3D model description

Simple educational robot for learning how to use various sensors (light, line, distance...) with Arduino UNO.

It features the CRM-Shield and a four-CNY70 board for reading a line on the floor.

3D printing settings

Main features:
- Two Pololu micro-motors with Pololu wheels
- Pololu Ball caster
- Arduino UNO with CRM-Shield (which has L298 motor driver, two LDR sensors and one LED).
- Four-CNY70 board
- This shield and CNY70 boards are very likely to be used in other printbots :)
- 9V battery that connects to Arduino's power connector
- Main body is 3D printable, based on the MiniSkybot by Obijuan (

Designed in the "Club de Robótica-Mecatrónica, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid" by:
- Carlos García Saura
- Lucas Polo López

This wouldn't have been posible without help from:
- Juan González Gómez (Obijuan)
- Miguel Gargallo Vázquez
- Álvaro Pérez Ortega

Robotics introductory workshop at EPS-UAM (Madrid, Spain):

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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