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Arbotix-M Board

3D model description

Working with Dynamixel servos, there a a few options for boards. One of them is the Arbotix series. The cheaper and more common one is the original Arbotix board but this one is the ARBOTIX - M board which I could not find a mount for.

The holes are slightly misaligned to the hole but can be easily threaded or cut away with a drill. There is a small semicircular cut which is used to take the board out if needed. For me it was a pretty nice friction fit and I would rather mount the piece to my robot than to the board.

  • 3D file format: SLDPRT and STL



Hi, I am a 3d modeler and I work primarily with SolidWorks and vector graphics. My background is in engineering and electronics and I am more familiar with technical designs. I'm interested in designing household tools, cosplay accessories, and one-off models.

I'm getting more used to organic modeling and sculpting so let me know if you want a simple 3d model for hire.



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