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Adjustable Laptop Stand [WIP]

3D model description

This is a little project I'm working on. It's an adjustable laptop stand. My idea is to make it as flat as possible when closed and adjustable in height so you can put the laptop at the angle you prefer.

This is still a work in progress, I'm thinking about how to improve it, but it is usable right now!

It's made of 5 pieces:
- the bottom piece: this piece goes attached to the laptop. It holds the adjustable pieces and it has some grooves to adjust the height. It also have 4 small holes where it touches the laptop so you can print the feet like in TPU to increase the grip in the PC (black piece in the photo);

  • the feet: it's just a cylinder that goes on the bottom piece. You have (if you want it) to print 4 of it. In the photos this part is missing 'cause I don't have the TPU to print it;

  • the adjustable pieces: this are 2 pieces that goes together. They snap into each other so you can move them without problems. One of them snaps into the bottom piece, the other goes into the grooves to adjust the height (green pieces in the photos);

  • the top piece: it's a foot that snaps on the adjustable pieces. It acts like a foot for the stand to increase stability of the laptop when you're typing.

Of course, if you want to use them properly you have to print a pair of it and put them on the sides

Let me know if you like it, if you print one yourself, and also consider checking the other stuff I make on my profile. I'm still learning how to model things, but I have lots of ideas and I'll upload them soon!

  • 3D file format: STL



I'm a maker, student and "learner". I love creating things with my hand, and I love the idea of using a 3D printer to help me make it. I like drawing and designing things on the PC and on a piece of paper. I'm not that good at the moment, but since I started I'm improving a lot (maybe...)



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