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4 Leaf Clover Fidget Spinner

3D model description

So, few Weeks ago Tom Sanladerer did a live cast on Youtube were everyone input and voted on a design for a fidget spinner. I had suggested a 4 Leaf Clover but the votes went with a a Ying Yang design which came out very cool.. but with Saint Patricks Day coming up I figured I just do the 4 leaf Clover myself. :) so here it is. ...

I made the holes for the bearings in 5 diff sizes so no matter what printer settings and filament characteristics there should be one that you can press in the bearings without too much hassle.
Clover = 22mm
CloverPoint1 = 22.1
CloverPoint25 = 22.25
CloverPoint35 = 22.35
CloverPoint5 = 22.5

4 Leaf Clover Finger Pads can be downloaded here-

  • 3D file format: STL





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