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2 Euro Coin Magazine Dispenser

3D model description

could not find any so i made my own
holds 20 coins / 40 euro

spring used: length 57/11mm, id 13mm, od 15mm
anything with od<=20mm, id=>13mm, length>55mm and conpressed length<=12mm should work fine. (less compression=less coins).

top stays on with friction alone, but i secured it with a thin bead of uber-glue. be careful not to glue the slider in place; insert two coins before gluing.

only the top should be printed with supports

  • 3D file format: SKP and STL



I always loved making, braking, fixing, mending and abusing things. Especially the latter: making what I need by using things that were not intended for that purpose. A 3D printer is one of the nicest tools I ever owned: you figure out what you need, you find something that sort of works and then make the parts to bridge the gap. Custom parts for whatever purpose at barely any cost at all; maker heaven.



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