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Zip Top Bag

3D model description

Another design in my pursuit of 3d printed purses - though this one serves equally well as a pencil case.

It's a quick print, a sleek design, and functional to boot. The zip top closure makes a satisfying zippy noise, and holds everything closed nicely. Kudos to gabielfp's awesome roll top box and emmett's bracelet that served as my inspiration.

Watch assembly and demo:

I've made subtle changes to the fabric edges, for better alignment with the side bands, since taking the photos shown in this post. Close ups of this area appreciated by anyone who makes a print.

There are lots of options for other sizes, orientations, or the addition of a chain in future releases.

3D printing settings

Update I've added more sizes to accommodate other platform sizes: 140x223, 140x195 & 140x145. I have also provided 95mm x 95mm test piece for anyone looking to see the concept in action without printing the full project.

There are two options for printing the fabric:
Slice at .2mm layer height. Be sure the infill is laid down perpendicular to the design lines in the fabric. Or, slice at .1mm layer height, with infill rotated 45 degrees.

I sliced my project at .2mm, and like the results. .1mm should also work and be somewhat more flexible. Adjust "Infill Begin Rotation" under Fill in skeinforge to change the direction of the fill in your first layer.

Let the fabric cool before pulling off the platform to reduce breakage or warpage. Use glue or acetone to adhere side pieces to main fabric. Fill with prized possessions, slide on closure, and go!

  • 3D model format: STL



Love 3D printing and geography!



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