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Shura Kirigakure Cosplay Sword

3D model description

This is my first 100 percent original design. Built this for a friend who dressed up as Shura Kirigakure for Blue Exorcist for an anime convention. I haven't seen 1 on here before so I designed it myself.

I've included 1 set of files without the decals on the blade so it it just a plain katana (blade 1-3) and 1 that allows for a dowel rod or something similar to use as further support (the std files). The Blades are rather tall so you may need to cut them into smaller sizes. they range from 276.5 mm to 206 mm. While I printed the blades with support (for the eyes on the blade) they should not need it. The tsuba(Hand guard) fits all versions.

After printing and painting all parts I used Epoxy to glue the parts together. Due to it being rather flexible when done I then coated it with Acrylic resin to add some strength to it; this is also when I modified the part s to have a dowel rod for support.

  • 3D model format: STL





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