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'MakerBelt'... Wearable Ultra Slim One Piece 3D Printed Belt

3D model description

The 'MakerBelt' is a wearable one piece 3D printed belt. Files are provided to suit most waist sizes. It's ultra slim, so uses very little filament and, once snapped on, it won't come unclipped until you want to remove it.

The 'MakerBelt prints in a spiral approx. 10cm in diameter so it should print okay on most machines that print accurately and have a good quality surface finish. These print really well on Replicator 2's and 5th Generation Replicators.

Be creative... print one off belts for events, in the colours of your favourite sports team or national flag... even glow in the dark for Halloween. Just pause your machine at the appropriate times during the print and change colours to suit.

Each 'MakerBelt' file has three 'capped' slots printed into it for sizing adjustment. Refer to the sizing chart as a guide to the 'MakerBelt' file to print. Once printed, remove the Raft and designed in support under the clip, then press out the appropriate cap in the slot to suit your waist size... it should come away easily.

For additional print and fitting instructions refer to the print settings.

Note: If you like this check out all my other fun and practical designs....and post pictures of your prints!

  • 3D model format: STL





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