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Death Star Destroyer Bow Tie

3D model description

One Death Star + Two Star Destroyers = One ugly bow tie!

I needed something extra for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work and mashed these model together in Tinkercad. Worked out pretty well I think, at least for being made in just a few minutes! :D

There are two options:
one simple with almost no need for support, but printed in two parts that you glue together. Print the simple flat bow tie and the clip. I used a few supports under the overhangs on the command bridge of the Star Destroyers.

Or you can print the Full version that also include the underside of the Star Destroyers and the clip all in one. But here you need a lot more support material. It takes a lot more time, but adds a little more volume and "oomph" to the bow tie.

UPDATE! Also check out the make by DanielJosvai for a smart way to slice the full version to avoid a lot of support material. Great print!

The excellent clip is from ale98lauria's White Bowtie and clips on the top button on your shirt.

I'd love to see some photos of people wearing this! :)

  • 3D file format: STL



Hi! My name is Trond and I'm an average nerdy dad from Norway. In 2017 I took the step and bought a 3D printer. It was the legendary CR-10 and I was immediately hooked. About half a year later I also bought the Ender 3 and the printing activity really took off!

My goal is to have fun printing and making, inspire my two daughters, and as a side effect post content that's inspiring and interesting to all my followers. I'm no engineer or expert in manufacturing, but I love learning new stuff! I'll always do my best to include links to my inspiration and sources for those interested.

Up until now, my main channel has been Instagram (@3dprintdad) but I'm gradually expanding to other channels like Youtube.

Some of the filament, equipment or services I use have been provided to me by companies. I'll do my best to be transparent about this to you as the viewer. If you are interested in a collaboration, please send me an e-mail or DM on Instagram.



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